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Hiking in the Odenwald

Wandern im Odenwald – diese 3 Touren rund um Amorbach müsst Ihr erlebt haben

“The journey is the reward”, said the Chinese philosopher Confucius, and this is exactly the motto we live by here in Amorbach in the paradisiacal Odenwald. As the picturesque Geo-Nature Park has a multitude of incomparably beautiful natural spectacles to offer, it can be difficult to decide on the next hiking tour.

3 Wanderungen durch den Odenwald

We know this, and that’s why we have come up with a solution for precisely this decision-making problem! We present the 3 most beautiful and “hikeable” hiking tours in the Odenwald!

One thing is promised: Fantastic views!

Amorbacher ``Waldromantikweg``

This idyllic route through the picturesque Odenwald starts in the town of Amorbach. From there, you set off in the direction of Miltenberg, where the Franciscan monastery of Engelberg is the perfect place for your first stop. In addition to the historic halls of the monastery building, you can also explore the associated beer garden of the Kloster-Schänke.

The route continues via Freudenberg to Wertheim. The impressive Wertheim Castle is enthroned on a hill above the town. Once you have experienced the view from the ruins, you will know why you should definitely make a stop there. The unique panoramic view extends over Wertheim’s romantic old town to the river landscapes of the Main and Tauber rivers. The Odenwald tour then leads you on towards Külsheim and Walldürn. For those of you who still have a taste for history and splendor, we would recommend a penultimate stop at the Walldürn pilgrimage basilica. Shortly before you reach Amorbach again, the route takes you past beech trees. Once you arrive in Buchen, you can round off your Odenwald tour with a short detour to Eberstadt to explore the Eberstadt stalactite caves. Then it’s back to the historic town of Amorbach. Once there, there’s nothing left to do but toast the eventful day and the promising tour!

To the hiking trail hard facts of the
Forest Romantic Trail

In total, the route is around 11.4 kilometers, and the walking time is a good 3 hours. The Waldromantikweg can be walked all year round, but don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes!

Der Sandsteinweg Amorbach

One of the most recognizable features of the Odenwald and the area around Amorbach is the reddish red sandstone, which can often be found in nature as well as in buildings and monuments. The next hike on our list is all about this red sandstone, monuments, etc.


The starting point for the Amorbach sandstone trail is once again the Billbach bridge, from where you hike back towards Sommerberg. The circular hiking trail takes you out of the town, up the Sommerberg, past former vineyards to the Gotthard ruins.


Many different sandstone structures and sculptures can be found along the path, which tell the story of the craft of stonemasons and sculptors. Once you have reached the vineyards, you will find the “SommerBerger G-ART-en”. It was built in 2003 and is an experience for the senses. It not only invites you to discover, but also to meditate. The sandstone trail ends at the Gotthard ruins, which are enthroned on the summit of the Gotthardsberg with a unique panorama.

To the hiking trail hard facts of the
Sandstone Trail
The hiking trail covers a total of 5 kilometers and takes about 2 hours to complete. The best time of year to experience the sandstone hiking trail is from April to September, and sturdy footwear is definitely a must!

Niebelungensteig – die 6. Etappe von Amorbach nach Miltenberg

The Nibelungensteig – one of the most sporting challenges in the entire Odenwald. With its 130 kilometers and 4000 meters of altitude, this hike is probably one of the longest in all of Germany. Now that you may not have quite as much time to complete the whole tour, we would like to present the 6th stage from Amorbach to Miltenberg in particular.

The start is again in Amorbach, and from there it goes up the Gotthardsberg to the pillar basilica of the Gotthard ruins. After a short stop to enjoy the view of the seven valleys, the hiking trail leads through two small villages to the stage destination of Miltenberg in the Main valley. Once you arrive in Miltenberg, romantic medieval alleyways, magnificent half-timbered houses and the Mildenburg castle await you. The towers of this castle reward every visitor with a breathtaking view over the town itself and the Main valley.

Now to the hard facts of the

The 6th stage of the Nibelungensteig covers approx. 13 kilometers and takes a good 4 hours to complete. The best time of year to experience this climb is from February to October, and of course sturdy footwear is recommended!

Darum genießen wir das Wandern im Odenwald

Long-distance hiking trails, themed routes, summit ascents or circular routes – our picturesque Odenwald could not be more diverse. For every mood, for every age group and for every ability, here everyone will find exactly the hike that makes their hiking heart beat faster.


For further information on unique, panoramic hiking trails, our reception staff will be happy to help you!

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