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Amorbach Old



Where landscape, art and culture become accomplices, places are created in which the eye feels at home. The name alone is enough to make you want to approach the place. What makes this beautiful town so special is its more than 1,200 years of history and vibrant baroque buildings, the red shimmer of the local sandstone. Time still has a special value here. You leave the hustle and bustle and traffic behind and immerse yourself in a deep green, quiet world. Here you play your life a little slower, which is simply wonderful.


The development of Amorbach is characterized by the history of the Benedictine monastery and the Princely House of Leiningen. Founded around 800, the monastery proclaimed the dignity of the Christian faith and the pride of the Benedictines. It influenced the development of the population for many centuries. Always in the awareness of attentive cooperation, both within and outside the faith. In the High Middle Ages, the sensible monks invented a holy Amor, identified him as the founder of their monastery and henceforth called it Amorbach. Only when culture intervenes in nature, when fiction and truth intermingle, do things take on a splendor and a mystery.


Today, the monastery belongs to the Princely House of Leiningen. From the
After being driven out of the Palatinate by French revolutionary troops, the House of Leiningen was compensated with the church property of the monastery and other lands in the Odenwald region as part of the secularization in 1803. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Prince of Leiningen chose Amorbach as his residence town and the Benedictine monastery, which was dissolved on March 2, 1803, as his residence.

Since then, a lot has been achieved and the town has become well-known and interesting. Of course, cultural heritage and education were also preserved and jobs and infrastructure were created.


Today, the town lives from a future-oriented coexistence and a fine tension between the town, the population and the economy as well as the Princely House of Leiningen.


Its fairy-tale backdrops and much more have been preserved and have survived the spirit of the times. This baroque gem provides space, time and room for cultural and musical highlights and a variety of events. And a wide and varied range of leisure activities. The distances are short and the quality of life is high. The city offers ideal living and working conditions with the Princely Lake Garden (landscape park by Ludwig von Skell), the surrounding scenic beauty, its modern infrastructure and excellent transport links. This makes Amorbach an extremely attractive place to live. With a lot of home and everything that goes with it.